I am sorry I have been out of contact. Things have been extremely difficult for me and my family. I haven’t been able to write more reviews because we have been going through a lot of troubles and all the problems have been overwhelming. My life has been put on hold.
My dad passed away a few months ago. I had been trying to help him for a very long time. In March I went to Paris to see him. It was very difficult. There were many barriers to getting him good medical care. It was very frustrating. He was in tremendous discomfort. It hurt to see him this way. It was the last time I saw him. This trip was so difficult in so many ways and I came back feeling very down.
This is when problems started for us. I had to deal with my dad’s health deteriorating and all the legal and financial issues happening in the US. We couldn’t even celebrate my husband’s graduation and when he passed his board exams. We are still having a very hard time. Hopefully things will get better soon.
My blog is very important to me so it was hard not being able to write.
I will come back as soon as things get a little bit better.
In the meantime I will post a few of my creations. Please send me your thoughts. I am creating what I love to wear. This jewelry is meant to give confidence and love for yourself when you are wearing it. I hope you will like it.