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Truth is a brand that we should all support.This article is written by Renia Pruchnicki Truth owner and creator of the stunning Tilikum belt, please read:INTRODUCING TILIKUM – MY LASTEST CREATION!

I am excited to share my newest belt creation with you called Tilikum. Earlier this year I was watching the documentary called Blackfish, which tells a powerful story about an Orlando Sea World killer whale named Tilikum. Sea World stole Tilikum from the ocean when he was just a baby and was raised in a confined tank to be performance moneymaker for Sea World.To find out more about this amazing documentary, click here.

The tragedy lies in the fact that killer whales are so unhappy in captivity, that they start behaving aggressively towards their fellow captive whales and also toward their trainers. Sadly, Tilikum has killed three of his trainers and has seriously hurt other trainers. Whales in captivity also hurt other whales in the same tank because there is simply not enough room for them to live. They become aggressive.

Here is a great article about it, if you feel so inclined!Orca whales are used to swimming in an ocean where they can swim great distances each day between 50-150 miles. In captivity they can only do laps in a small tank. In the wild they can live up to over 100 years old and have never hurt humans while living in their natural habitat.All orca whales that live in captivity have a floppy looking top fin, which is a sign of…
Orca whales in captivity simply do not have enough room to swim and to have a happy, heathly life. They eventually go a bit stir crazy, and this is a red flag that needs to be noticed.
Details of the Tilikum vegan belt
When I designed the Tilikum vegan belt, it had no name. After finding out about how whales in performance captivity are treated, I felt compelled to draw attention to this issue and name this belt Tilikum. And, let’s face it, Tilikum is a cool name!
The red bottom
Another unique feature of this belt is the red colour found on the bottom layer. Only the wearer will know about because it is not visible when worn. The name Tilikum is stamped on the inside in black letters, along with my favorite saying “genuine non-leather”. The Tilikum belt in available in black only.

How the strap tucks in!
You know how most belts have the end of the strap that is on the outside? The strap on Tilikum is on the inside! This gives the front of the belt a flat, sleek look.

The environmental aspect

The inside layer is made with recycled car tires which is great news for Mother Nature. When car tires are retired, they are either burnt or put into landfills. This is horrible for the environment.Whales are highly intelligent creatures. My hope in naming this belt Tilikum is to raise awareness on the “stealing baby whales from the ocean for money making reasons” issue, and to propel people to consider our relationship to nature. As humans, we are after all, part of nature.With over 21 million views since the documentary Blackfish came out, director Gabriela Cowperthwaite continues to raise awareness. Check out an interview with Gabriela here, taken one year after the release of her informative and inspiring documentary.Have you seen Blackfish? What do you think about either the documentary, or my newest belt? Leave your comments on my Facebook post by clicking here. I would love to hear from you.

Not only is this belt animal friendly, but it is also environmentally friendly. The Tilikum belt is available now at www.truthbelts.com. Have a great day, and live your truth!
Yours in health, consciousness and cool vegan fashion,
Renia Pruchnicki
Truth, owner