Jimmy Wilson's White Bear.

Today I thought that I would talk about a documentary for a change…And it’s not any documentary. This stunning documentary  was one of the winners of the ‘Artic Film Festival’.. I think 200 or more films were submitted and 7 were chosen to be screened at the festival and ‘White Bear’ was so powerful with breathtaking images that it get in.


Have you ever thought about the polar bear and the challenges that great animal must overcome? Come along with Jimmy Wilson as he travels north to Churchill, Manitoba, “The Polar Bear Capital of the World.” See and learn about one of nature’s most amazing animals from Churchill’s resident polar bear expert, Dr. Paul Watts.

I just loved watching it. The images are breathtaking and you can really feel that you are making this journey with Jimmy thanks to the stunning wildlife footage.
This is a fantastic idea for a gift. This is a fascinating and very informative documentary.You will learn about polar bears and all the challenges they have to face. I love polar bears.I love all animals and i enjoy learning about them.


On a personal note, seeing Jimmy who is my very dear friend on this DVD , made this experience even more special.
I don’t know if you are friends with Jimmy but if you are not and wanted to be to follow what he is doing, just let me know.
Jimmy is an amazing photographer and his skill is shown throughout the whole DVD.
Like me you will be impressed by the stunning images and you will fall in love with it for sure.










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  1. Jimmy WilsonJune 16, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    Thank you for such a wonderful review! -Jimmy-


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