I’m not wearing or buying leather. I’m always looking for cruelty free bags, purses, shoes..
I’m finding all the time gorgeous items, and i always get compliments.
I was at my son Jesse’s baseball game and someone was starring at me.I looked at her and she said , oh i’m sorry to look at you like that, i was actually looking at your boots.
i thought that it was really nice because of course , i always mention that my boots or my bags are not in leather and are cruelty free.The leather industry is extremely cruel. The animals are skinned alive. Someone posted on my wall a video that i couldn’t even watch.Why would you want to wear cruel accessories when you have so many gorgeous alternatives.Plus when you think about it: they have to spray chemicals for the animal’s skin not to decompose.horrible!
I used to wear leather when i didn’t know better but now that i know, never ever!
I am following a blog that i love. I think that i have mentioned it in a previous post: Alicia Silverstone’s blog: The kind life.
I decided to participate to a give away without any hope because usually i never win anything.
And i won! I couldn’t believe it.I won the most adorable items ever. I have won a wallet, that i’m using at the moment.A product for hair: i will tell you what it is.Lovely lovely items really.





I also buy a lot of Big Buddha bags. They are lovely:
You have so much choice really. I bought my bag with fringes from H&M and i always get compliments. I have it for three years now, taking it everywhere. My daughter has the same bag and she loves it too.
Really if you are still buying leather , you should reconsider it.
I’m selling my vintage leather bags and belts that i have bought when i didn’t know better , on Etsy, and i’m giving back to Animal Charities of course.
When you are going shopping and say that you don’t buy leather, the shopping assistants always do their best to help you finding the best items.This is what happened for me.
What brands are you wearing?
Don’t hesitate asking me questions, i’m always here to answer and to help.