We were living in England for 5 years and we decided to move to United States. We stayed in the meantime in Paris , while we were waiting for our visa.
That’s when i discovered Terre d’Oc.
I was looking for cruelty free and organic natural make up and i went to this shop called : Natures et decouvertes.They are selling very cool items and this really awesome cosmetics line.
So i wanted to try of course.Terre D’oc has a lovely shop in Paris: Montmartre but i haven’t been there.I really wanted to though.Terre d’oc in Paris (18e), Rue des Abbesses 38
They had a shop in New York but the shop has closed. I need to see how you can get these lovely products if you are in USA.
If you are in England, you can order them online.http://www.pravera.co.uk/terre-doc
If you are traveling to Paris, make a stop at this shop or look for Nature Et Decouvertes and check if they are selling Terre D’Oc in that particular shop.
They have a nice assortment of different certified organic beauty products. Their cosmetic is produced according to the COSMEBIO charter and they are certified by ECOCERT and Fair trade.
If you have a friend who is traveling to France , you can ask her/him to buy a few products for you.i can help you making a little list if you want.
I can only tell you about the make up line because i haven’t tried their other products: tea….
The lipstick is cute, really small but has as much product as a normal size product. The colors are gorgeous.
I’m not using their make up in a loose powder form because, if you remember from a previous post, it can be dangerous for your lungs: Chemical of the day Stephanie Greenwood.
I don’t know if all their products are vegan.Some of them could contain beewax.
Usually i’m taking pictures with the make up on to show you but I hate what the hairdresser has done to my hair, i’m trying to see what i can do knowing that my hair is really dry and damaged now. If you have suggestions, just write to me.
If you want more details, just ask me and i will be happy to answer.


En Français:

Je pense à mes amis qui habitent en France et qui recherchent des cosmétiques Bio, non testes sur les animaux, contenant des ingrédients naturels et bio.
Vous pouvez trouver ces cosmétiques et produits en général ( the , produits pour le corps, produits pour le visage…) chez Nature et Découvertes et dans leur boutique à Montmartre.
Les produits sont bio, en accord avec la charte COSMEBIO charter et sont certifiés par ECOCERT et font partie du commerce équitable.
Je ne peux pas certifier que tous les produits soient vegetaliens car certains contiennent certainement de la cire d’abeille.
Si vous êtes intéresses, écrivez moi et nous pourrons parler des produits et des couleurs.

Vous pouvez vous rendre à la boutique Terre d’oc à Paris (18e), Rue des Abbesses 38