Cosmetic companies that were cruelty-free before have changed their policies on animal testing to be able to sell on the Chinese market where animal testing is required by Chinese law.These companies include but are not limited to Mary Kay, Avon and Estee Lauder. Many companies owned by Estee Lauder : M.A.C Cosmetics ,Bobbi Brown ….are now testing on animals to be able to sell in China. Not all of these companies have notified consumers that they are no longer cruelty-free. You see now cosmetics companies even through their website claiming that they are free of animal testing even though they are not.(for instance Urban Decay now owned by L’Oreal.) Companies like Avon, Estee Lauder, and Mary Kay had been secretly paying for Chinese officials to test their products on animals. Those fake “cruelty-free” cosmetic brands are misleading the public still attesting that they are cruelty free. If the companies want to sell their skincare and cosmetics in China, they must do to the animals skin and eye irritation tests…. it’s so disgusting! This is so hypocrite: Most of these companies put nasty chemicals in their products that can eventually lead their consumers to serious health issues. Just beware of the words on company websites regarding their animal testing policy such as: Our brand is not testing on animals blablabla ”except where required to be by law”.or “unless it is required by law in specific countries”.
The Sephora Collection brand: Sephora had a great collection of cruelty free cosmetics and vegan products. They are not Cruelty free anymore, same here sadly, they are selling in China.

Recently, a number of high profile cosmetic brands, including Yves Rocher, Caudalie,Bumble and Bumble and L’Occitane, have lost their leaping bunny log,.same here, because of their decision to expand into China, where animal testing of cosmetic products is mandatory.

China is a huge market: there are 700m women in China, so selling in China= Huge profits for those brands who “have sold their soul to the devil”

But while these companies stand to vastly increase their customer base, they also risk losing the customers who chose these brands specifically for their stance on animal testing.

To complicate matters, it’s also becoming increasingly hard to know who to trust. In a recent carefully worded statement, L’Occitane stated that the brand ‘does not and never has tested its products on animals’.

In fact, their products are being tested on animals, but by the Chinese, not by L’Occitane themselves – although they’re certainly funding these tests.

At L’Occitane, UK and Ireland general manager Maddie Smith admits the chance to vastly expand their customer base was too good to ignore. ‘We operate in 80 countries and the big thing is that we’re a growing business,’ she said.

Recent developments have suggested that animal testing of cosmetic products will soon no longer be mandatory in China, so it seems strange that brands who claim to be opposed to animal testing couldn’t simply wait until these tests were abolished before moving there.

I want to tell you about 100% Pure. This brand is amazing . they have refused to sell in China.
We need to support wonderful brands like this.
I just want to clarify with them about a preservative called Japanese Honey suckle that they use in some of their products but that will be another subject.
Their make up is amazing. I just love it.So this is a brand that i will support even more.Congratulations to 100% Pure.
From Peta’s page:

San Francisco — 100% Pure is staying true to its name: The all-vegan personal-care company, which has been on PETA’s list of companies that don’t test on animals since 2005, is the latest business to confirm to PETA that it will not market its products in China. The Chinese government currently requires cosmetics and personal-care companies to pay for archaic product tests on animals in order to market their products in that country. Countless rabbits, mice, and rats are poisoned, mutilated, and killed in these cruel tests, which are now banned in the EU, India, and Israel.

For refusing to put profits over principles, San Jose, Calif.-based 100% Pure will receive PETA’s Courage in Commerce Award. It joins the growing list of compassionate companies that have publicly pledged not to enter the Chinese market until the government’s requirements for cruel tests on animals are lifted. This list includes top names in beauty and personal care, such as Urban Decay, NYX, Paula’s Choice, The Body Shop, Jack Black, and Yes To Carrots. Paul Mitchell Systems, Dermalogica, Pangea Organics, and Nature’s Gate all pulled out of China in order to stay cruelty-free. The full list of the more than 1,300 companies that don’t test on animals is available on PETA’s website, where consumers can also order their own free copy of PETA’s global Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide to take with them every time they shop.

“By staying out of China, 100% Pure is living up to its reputation as a conscientious, cruelty-free company,” says PETA Senior Vice President of Laboratory Investigations Kathy Guillermo. “PETA encourages all kind consumers to support the quickly growing list of ethical companies that have pledged never to harm animals anywhere in the world.”

Not all companies are 100 percent dedicated to being cruelty-free: Mary Kay, Avon, Revlon and Estée Lauder, which were on PETA’s list of companies that don’t test on animals for decades, started paying for poisoning tests on animals in order to market their products in China.

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Sadly this list has to be updated as Urban Decay and Yes to Carrots are not cruelty free anymore:(
I need to check about The Body Shop. This is truly interesting as everyone knows they are owned by L’Oreal.I have read that it was a problem that The Body Shop didn’t want to sell in China.I will get more informations and come back to you.
I need to make a list of the brands you need to avoid if you care for the animals and stand by them.Especially the brands who are lying to us pretending that they are cruelty free.
Don’t hesitate to write to the brands to write what you have on your heart.
I’m so disgusted seriously.Please boycott those brands and interact with me if you have different or new informations.

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