When i went to Maui on holidays,I discovered this shop.I found lovely clothes there that i was still wearing a few years later.
When i went last summer, they still had lovely things. Most of the clothes are affordable and what i love is that you can’t see them everywhere.
You can now order online and that’s really nice. The delivery is free is you spend more than $50 I think.There is a promotion code that you can use at the moment so it’s really interesting.
They are selling Vegan bags and i haven’t seen even one thing in leather so this is great.
One bag had a Peta tag on it when i went to the shop, i’m sorry i can’t remember the brand.I will try to find out.
I am on a budget and i can’t spend a fortune on clothes , i wouldn’t anyway,so this is perfect.
I have bought this skirt and this tee shirt online and they are lovely.i have bought it in a size small and i also have a similar one in a size medium. They both fit because the waist is elastic.


I have bought this one when i was on holidays this summer.

I’m always trying to find clothes that i can’t keep and wear the next summer too and not be fed up with it.
You could give a try. I really love this shop.
I had a lovely exchange of emails with Carly when i couldn’t find my size or when i wanted more informations.She was really sweet with me and very helpful.
This so important when you are shopping.: A good communication and kind sale persons.

Here is one of their Vegan bags:

and another one:


This is the coupon in case you want to give a try:


About the shop:



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I’m not affiliated to this shop , paid by the shop to make this review. This is my sincere opinion.