I’m always doing fake freckles. I love freckles.I wanted to have some tattooed but my husband was against the idea.
Once we went to a shop and a sell assistant had very weird big black dots on her nose and on her cheeks. It looked like dead flies glued on her face. I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying, i was really puzzled.My husband said : don’t say anything but i thought that maybe she did very fast her make up and didn’t noticed and used a black pencil instead of a brown. If it was me , i would like someone to tell me, so i told her.
She said that she had freckles tattooed and that it was a disaster.Oh yes it was for sure.It put me off doing it.
I have, since a long time used an eyeliner to do it.I love it.
my fiend came once and said i love your freckles, i wish i had freckles. so i told her how i was making them.
At the time i was buying a brown eyeliner at the Body Shop when it was not owned by L’Oreal.
So my friend went to the shop and asked for the freckles eyeliner. The sell lady said that they didn’t have any product like this and she said: yes you have , my friend has bought one!
Actually it was a eyeliner for eyes , i should have told her. But Lancôme.(I don’t buy Lancôme: owned by l’Oreal too )used to have one in their collection especially for freckles. It was called: crayon taches de rousseur.
I’m still doing my freckles. It has to look natural like if i was in the sun. So i just do a few dots on my nose and a bit on the cheeks near my nose, then i blend them with a tissue softly. My daughter is doing the same.
I think that it’s so pretty, i wish i had natural freckles.
Please don’t hesitate asking me if you have questions.