I went to the hairdresser yesterday. It was my second time going there.The first time time to fix a horrible hair color that another hairdresser did.
I wanted to look good for my birthday today the 21st.I wanted to show her that last time she cut my hair too short on the sides and that one side was not like the other side.
She was looking at my hair saying that we shouldn’t do anything except fixing the hair cut.
While she was looking at my hair, I had this little voice inside saying: don’t do anything, just go.Don’t trust her, the first time was not a success already.
This is supposed to be a vegan salon, where they are only using cruelty free products and gentle and safer products.
But stupidly I stayed. So she did highlights and low lights and was keeping on blaming the previous hairdresser who did the horrible color.She also said that the haircut was ok and that her other hairdresser at her salon did a perfect job.
I was really tired yesterday and a bit down and not in a mood to fight or argue as I would do usually if something is not right.
So she rinsed and blow-dried, then she saw that she hasn’t rinsed enough a part and had to rinse again.
She blow-dried it again and she showed me the result , saying that it was the best she could do after the horrible job of the previous hairdresser.A part was a bit orange, I showed her and she started to get mad but at the same time she said yes you are right. She said I will put a bit more highlights on this side, it’s because of the brown.She wanted to put the highlights and me to rinse them at home.Then she changed her mind, rinsed and dried my hair.
It was not at all what i have asked for, and nothing comparable to the pictures I have shown her.
She was keeping on saying how it was a major reparation work, all the fault of the previous one who did my hair green.
The result is ok but far from being what I have asked for.
The whole experience was really stressful.I don’t like the way she treated me and she knows it all because I told her and she could feel it.
What I would say:
Be careful if you are going to fix a color or haircut that you don’t like because they don’t treat you the same way.Go back to fix it only if it’s a disaster and even though I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to go back except if your hairdresser is super nice.It’s better to be patient and wait and look for another salon.
Listen to your intuition: run away if you have a voice inside telling you to run.Don’t find excuses like : I know this hairdresser, I don’t know any other so it’s more practical, let’s give her a chance..
No if you don’t feel it and that is for everything, don’t do it, just go.
The result is that I came back miserable, and feeling really humiliated.
She charged me because she said that it was not her fault if I don’t have the result I wanted.
She was looking at me like if I was a difficult person never happy of everything.
I went back home really stressed and upset, not only for the color but for the way she made me feel.
I don’t like what she has done and I didn’t feel pretty for my birthday:(
It’s a lesson though. Next time I won’t go to an appointment if I’m exhausted and I will listen to my intuition.