I have just received my products today. I’m so excited , i can’t wait to try them.
I have already tried the strawberry lip balm and i love it. it’s very unusual, it comes in the form of a cream and smells wonderful with a subtle lovely strawberry taste.It makes your lips silky.
I will try the shampoo and the conditioner tomorrow and the sunless lotion.I can already tell you that the shampoo and conditioner smell divine
I have tried the sunless lotion and it worked great. i’m not very patient and i just don’t pay attention how i’m using the product . It looks natural and i really love this product.
The shampoo and the conditioner are really nice to use and they smell great. I have ordered for my husband and my son the mint and cucumber shampoo and it smells so nice.
It’s difficult for me to judge the shampoo and conditioner at the moment because my hair is too damaged but i really liked using them.The sunless lotion on my opinion is great.It gives a nice glow and a little tan but really natural on my opinion.